Willka Raqay

Willka Raqay is an Inca ruin above Patallacta which was used as a control point.

Willka Raqay Ruins - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Willka Raqay - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Willkaraqay or Willka Raqay, (Quechua willka = grandchild / great-grandson / lineage / minor god in the Inca culture, an image of the Willkanuta valley (Vilcanota Valley) worshipped as God / holy, sacred, divine, willka or wilka Anadenanthera colubrina (a tree); raqay = ruin, a demolished building / shed, storehouse or dormitory for the laborers of a farm / a generally old building without roof, only with walls. Hispanicized spellings Huillca Racay, Huillca Raccay, also Wilkaracay, Willkarakay) is an archaeological site in Ollantaytambo District.

It is situated southeast of the archaeological site Patallaqta above the right bank of the little river Pampa Qhawa, an affluent of the Willkanuta River, near the village Chamana.

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