Salkantay Trek & Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 7 Days

salkantay trek 7 days to machupicchu


This Salkantay expedition is an amazing experience that links us directly to Machu Picchu. The views include glaciers, mountains and the beautiful Humantay Lagoon, surrounded by lush vegetation, making it one of the most impressive treks.

Inka Trail offers an authentic journey that seeks to connect adventure with nature. Its objective is to depart from conventional routes, avoiding superficial tourist activities and immersing yourself in an immersive cultural environment.

Rest under the starry blanket and admire the elegant beauty of Salkantay Peak. Share experiences with local Andean families who preserve centuries-old traditions. Surpass yourself as you cross nine different biological zones, facing altitude changes and varied terrain.

Enjoy the comfort of our service, taste the innovative cuisine and feel the warmth of our people, providing a complete rest for mind and body.

We will travel through the highest snow-capped mountain in the Vilcabamba range until we reach Llactapata, located behind the Machu Picchu mountain. This route will finally take us to Aguas Calientes, located at the foot of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Thus, we will conclude this unique adventure that allows us to connect with nature, culture and history


salkantay trek to machu picchu 4 days


  • Pre-departure briefing: Before starting your trek, you will meet your Salkantay Royal Inca Trail guide and your group at our offices to receive an orientation. During this meeting, you will be provided with duffel bags that will be carried by our horses. The meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. the night before the start of the trek. In case you are unable to attend at this time, "please let us know" to coordinate another time.Tourist transportation: You will be picked up from your hotel in Cusco in the morning and travel by private transportation to Challacancha, the starting point of the Salkantay and Royal Inca Trail trek.
  • Touristic Transport: You will be picked up from your hotel in Cusco in the morning and travel by private transportation to Challacancha, the starting point of the Salkantay and Royal Inca Trail trek.
  • Experienced Salkantay Tour Guide: English-speaking, professionally educated and officially certified tourist guide. They all grew up in this region and have a true passion for teaching others about their heritage. Your guide will explain the culture and environment along the entire route, even leading your group in ancient ceremonies! He or she will ensure your safety and comfort during the hike so you can enjoy your time along the Inca Trail and make sure you are safe and happy....
  • Tour Guide in Machupicchu Cultural Experienced: English speaking, professionally educated guide with official tourist certification. To visit the sacred city of Machu Picchu.
  • Private camps: Each camp is carefully chosen to offer a very local experience.
      Night 1: Unwind on the plush bedding at our Lodge del Cielo in Soraypampa Campsite, beneath the vigilant presence of the Sacred mountain Humantay and Salkantay. Take advantage of the opportunity to gaze at the stars.
      Night 2:Experience the second night at Pampa Japonesa along the Salkantay/Royal Inca Trail, sleeping in our 4-season Pro Aconcagua Doite tents. Although designed for four occupants, these tents comfortably accommodate only two, providing ample space for relaxation and storage of your belongings. Each tent includes a vestibule in front, offering additional outdoor space for your boots and walking sticks, preventing the introduction of dirt.
      Night 3:Enjoy the third night in Sisay Pampa on the Salkantay/Royal Inca Trail, again staying in our 4-season Pro Aconcagua Doite tents with the same spacious and comfortable setup.
      Night 4:Experience the fourth night in Wayllabamba along the Salkantay/Royal Inca Trail, with accommodation in our 4-season Pro Aconcagua Doite tents designed for two occupants. The tents feature extra space for spreading out and storing your duffel bags, along with a vestibule in front for outdoor gear.
      Night 5:Stay the fifth night at the Pacaymayu campsite on the Salkantay/Royal Inca Trail, once more in our 4-season Pro Aconcagua Doite tents, providing comfort and ample space.
      Night 6:Conclude your journey with the sixth night at Wiñayhuayna Campsite on the Salkantay/Royal Inca Trail, where you'll sleep in our 4-season Pro Aconcagua Doite tents, offering the same comfort and spacious design. The tents come equipped with a vestibule in front, ensuring a designated area for your boots and walking sticks without bringing in dirt.
  • Important Note: While it's not typical for campsites, lodges, or hotels to change post-confirmation, variations can occur due to government regulations, official authorizations, adverse weather conditions, or the physical condition of our visitors. Should any changes arise, INCATRAIL will notify you in advance as promptly as possible.
  • Camping Equipment: This includes dining and kitchen tents, tables, chairs, and cooking gear, all transported by our dedicated porters and horses.
  • Entrance Tickets: Your package includes entrance tickets to Salkantay / Humantay Lake, Royal Classic Inca Trail (limited spaces), and Machu Picchu Inka Site.
  • Loading Mules/Horses: Your duffel bag will be provided during the pre-trek briefing to be filled with necessities for the upcoming night and day. Access to your duffel bag is restricted until you reach the evening campsite. On days 1, 2, 3, and 4, our mules/horses carry all camping equipment and your allotted personal baggage (5 kgs/11.02 lbs).
  • Porters "Inca Sherpas for the Royal Inca Trail": On days 5, 6, and 7, we provide a personal porter for your personal baggage (5 kgs/11.02 lbs.) at no extra cost. They will carry your duffel bag, which you won't access until reaching the evening campsite. On the last day, your luggage will be carried by our porters to Machupicchu village "Aguas Calientes," available after your guided tour in Machupicchu.
  • Professional Trekking Chef: A specialized chef, assisted by a helper, will prepare delicious meals throughout the trek, ensuring you're well-nourished daily.
  • Meals: You'll receive 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, and 6 dinners, with vegetarian, vegan, or special menus available at no extra charge. Note that the first breakfast and last lunch are not included.
  • Boiled Water: From the first lunch to the last breakfast, Inka Trail Expeditions will provide all necessary boiled, filtered, and cooled water. Bring your water bottles or camelback, and we recommend carrying around 3L.
  • Wake-Up Tea: Each morning, wake up to a cup of coca tea delivered to your tent, warming you from the inside out before starting your day.
  • Tea Time: Each afternoon before dinner, enjoy tea time with popcorn, biscuits, coffee, hot chocolate, teas, and hot water, providing a relaxing break after a day of hiking.
  • Hygiene Products: Receive a small towel before each meal for hand cleaning, and every morning, a bucket with warm water for personal hygiene.
  • Medical Kit and Oxygen: Our crew brings a first-aid kit, including an emergency oxygen bottle.
  • Train Tickets: Transportation from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo train station (departure time confirmed during the briefing and subject to availability).
  • Transfer to Cusco: Private tourist transport from Ollantaytambo train station to your hotel in Cusco on Day 7.
  • 24-Hour Guest Service: Access our 24-hour telephone service for communication and preparation leading up to your trek.
  • Bus to Machupicchu: Expect a wait time of 1 to 1:30 hours to board the bus to Machupicchu. Decide a day in advance whether to take the bus or walk the final ascent (45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on physical condition).
  • Portable Toilet: We provide a portable toilet and individual tent per group for the entire Inca trail route.
  • Not Include:

    • Sleeping Bags: If you don't have your own, you have the option to rent a sleeping bag from our company. Our sleeping bags are effective and durable, providing protection against temperatures as low as -18ºC (0ºF). They are in a mummy form and come with a sleeping liner. After each use, the sleeping bags undergo thorough cleaning.
    • Walking Sticks: If needed, you can rent a set of walking sticks from our company.
    • 1 Duffle Bag: You can use a duffle bag provided by us for your personal belongings.
    • Entrance to Climb Huaynapicchu or Machu Picchu Sacred Mountain
    • Panoramic Vistadome Train
    • Day 1 Breakfast: Approximately USD 5 to USD 10.00, with the price varying depending on your selection.
    • Last Day: Lunch and Dinner in Aguas Calientes: The price can vary according to your selection.
    • Personal Clothing and Gear.
    • Travel Insurance
    • Tips for Our Staff: Our agency staff receives fair compensation, and tipping is at your discretion. A recommended tip is USD 6 to USD 8 per day per traveler for all the trek staff. It is optional and can vary based on your satisfaction.
    • Additional Costs or Delays Out of Control of Management (landscape changes, adverse weather conditions, itinerary modifications due to safety concerns, illness, changes in government policy, political instability/strikes, etc.)
    • Molecular COVID-19 Test: You have the option to add a COVID-19 test to your package. The test can be conducted at your hotel the night before your return flight.


    Trekking Poles (PAR) 15 Includes rubber tips
    Sleeping bag 25 -
    Breakfast in Mollepata 10 -
    Inexpensive lunch in Aguas Calientes. 15 -
    Pack horse (weight 20kg) 90 Advance confirmation is required.
    Saddle horse (for one person) 150 Advance confirmation is required.
    Entrance to Huayna Picchu 60 Subject to availability.
    07:00 am / 08:00 am / 09:00 am (private service).
    10:00 am (group service)

    what to bring?

    • Original passport.
    • Sleeping bag.
    • Trekking shoes.
    • Waterproof jacket / rain poncho.
    • Jacket, hat and gloves.
    • T-shirts or T-shirts.
    • Comfortable pants.
    • Sun hat and Sunglasses.
    • Sunscreen.
    • Reusable water bottles.
    • Insect repellent.
    • Personal hygiene items.
    • Personal medications.
    • Camera.
    • Flashlight with extra batteries.
    • Shorts.
    • Trekking poles.
    • Bandages and sandals.
    • Extra money.
    • Bathing suit for the hot springs in Aguas Calientes and Cocalmayo (optional).
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    Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu in 7 Days

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