Peru Discover Packages

Discover Peru Packages

6 Days Tour

Traditional Discover Peru 6 days

For here you can travel to the best-known destinations in Peru, know ancestral customs, see landscapes, diverse flora and fauna and unique in Arequipa and Puno. You can also go along the Inca Trail that has been preserved since the time of the Inca Empire to Machupicchu.

Lima, Cusco. Arequipa, Puno

8 Days Tour

Imperial Discover Peru Circuit 8 Days

Peru has many attractive destinations that will leave you amazed. In this tour you will be able to enjoy some that Peru has in all its territory. This one of the best tour made for those ones willing to discover the best of Lima, Cusco and Puno.

Lima, Cusco, Puno

11 Days Tour

Wonderful Discover Peru Circuit 11 Days

In this package you will discover a lot of wonderful siteseeings around Peru, Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Titicaca Lake, Uros islands, Taquile Islands, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machupicchu.

Lima, Cusco, Arequips, Puno

13 Days Tour

Majestic Discover Peru 13 Days

In this circuit you will be able to know the most visited destinations in our majestic Peru.

Lima, Cusco

15 Days Tour

Marvelous Discover Peru 15 Days

Peru Treks and Adventure. The Main Square of Cusco was once the heart of the Inca Empire, which conquered a huge part of South America. It is actually quite easy to be impressed by the diversity of its architecture, especially in the center.

Lima, Cusco

19 Days Tour

Extraordinary Discover Circuit 19 Days

Cusco, Ollantaytambo, the Sacred Valley and the Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu are included in this exclusive Package in Peru.

Lima, Cusco