Holy Week in Cusco is a very special time that attracts numerous tourists and has a deep meaning for the inhabitants of the region. During this time, deep-rooted religious and cultural traditions are carried out and manifested in processions full of devotion on the part of the faithful.

The celebration of Holy Week in Cusco

Differs from other festivities, as it begins with Palm Sunday and reaches its climax on Easter Monday with the procession of the Patron Saint of Cusco, the Lord of Earthquakes, concluding on Easter Sunday.

In addition to the Cusco Cathedral, where the archbishop presides the Mass with Communion, other churches in the city also open their doors during Holy Week, welcoming crowds of the faithful. Between the distinctive processions, masses and the religious fervor that permeates the streets of Cusco, the festivities begin.

Palm Sunday

Marks the end of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week. On this day, believers go to the various parishes of the city carrying palm leaves and crosses woven with the same plant, which are blessed during the Eucharistic celebrations in the temples. Later, these blessed palms are hung behind the doors of homes as a symbol of protection.

img 1: Palm Sunday

The faithful also visit the Cathedral of Cusco, the most important church in the city, since on Palm Sunday a mass is celebrated in Quechua at five in the morning.

It is on this day when the blessings are obtained, so the procession takes place a day later. One of the traditions is that refined pieces of tapestries, colorful carpets and fabrics are placed in the windows of the houses through which the procession passes.

Holy Monday

Easter Monday, the second day of Holy Week, is a day in which you can witness the devotion of the inhabitants of Cusco and thousands of faithful gathered in the main square of the city. The Mass with Communion is celebrated in the Cathedral, presided by the Archbishop of Cusco himself.

However, as mentioned above, Easter Monday is the main day of Holy Week because the procession of the Lord of the Tremors, considered the patron saint of the city, takes place. Witnessing this procession is a truly unique experience, as it represents deep beliefs and traditions that have endured for decades.

The Procession of the Lord of the Tremors, also known as “Taytacha de los Temblores”, is one of the main processions of Holy Week that gathers most of the population. During Holy Monday, a crucified Christ, of indigenous character, is carried in procession through the main streets of the city and the Main Square of Cusco.

img 2: Procession of the Lord of the Earthquakes

The highlight of the procession is when the Señor de los Temblores blesses the faithful while being held on the shoulders of the bearers.

Maundy Thursday

Holy Week continues with Holy Thursday, a day in which certain biblical passages are remembered. The archbishop washes the feet of twelve elders, just as Jesus did with his disciples, and in addition, families walk the streets of the Historic Center on a route known as the “Seven Temples”, recalling the falls of Jesus on his way to Calvary.

img 3: Holy Thursday Mass and foot washing

Holy Friday

Good Friday is known for the “tradition of the twelve dishes”, alluding to the twelve disciples of Christ. For example, in the district of Sayllapata, province of Paucartambo, a soup is usually prepared with local ingredients. Whether it is a soup called k’irku, made with tarwi, eggs, milk and cheese, or a soup made with whole eggs, the meal always represents a special tradition.

Other ingredients of this dish are corn, ollucos, wheat and potatoes. On the street you will find dishes with these Andean ingredients, as well as a rich trout stew and a fine sautéed cod. Unlike the Good Friday customs in other Peruvian cities, in Cusco there is plenty to eat.

In addition to this culinary tradition, there is also the Procession of the Holy Sepulcher. This procession commemorates the death and burial of Jesus Christ according to Christian tradition. During this ceremony, a replica of the tomb of Christ is carried in procession through the streets of the city, accompanied by a large number of faithful and devotees.

img 4: Procession of the Holy Sepulcher

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday morning begins with a large congregation of the faithful gathered at seven o’clock in the morning. They attend the first mass of the day and listen to the Sunday Easter sermon. This day is of supreme importance to Christians as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus.

After the procession and mass, the main streets are impregnated with the delicate aroma of delicious dishes such as chicken broth, empanadas, tamales and cakes. Thus concludes Holy Week in the imperial city of Cusco.

img 5: Easter Sunday in cusco

While it is a week full of activities, witnessing Holy Week in Cusco is well worth it. If you plan to immerse yourself in this experience, keep in mind some important recommendations: avoid bringing valuables to the processions, bring an umbrella (as it tends to rain suddenly) and make sure you don’t lose sight of children or coordinate meeting points with family members, as it is easy to get lost.

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img 6: Moray

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img 8: rainbow mountain

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img 9:Machu Picchu

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img 12: salkantay trek

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