There is nothing more romantic than traveling as a couple to Cusco to enjoy the best that Peru has to offer.

Today we are going to dream of romantic destinations that await us in the navel of the world, a place that has all the magical destinations to spend days of adventure and nights of illusion in every corner of Cusco.

Inside and outside the city there are all the tourism options that a traveler can look for, and if it comes to traveling as a couple, we will have options that will please both.

Here are the top romantic destinations that you can not miss with your partner on your next trip to Cusco.

Romance within the city of Cusco

Romantic tourist destinations to enjoy within Cusco the first few days, while we acclimatize to the altitude of the site, we enjoy what the city has to offer.

Sunset as a couple at San Cristobal viewpoint

A good way to start the day is enjoying the privileged view of the San Cristobal viewpoint. 

From the viewpoint we can see the historic center, the modern area of the city and the snow-capped Ausangate. 

Just minutes by car from the city center, we can take advantage of the night to see the night show of Cusco.

San Cristobal viewpoint

Romantic walk to San Blas neighborhood 

The picturesque artisan neighborhood of San Blas adorns the streets with blue balconies and stone tracks that make us live a precise landscape to travel as a couple. 

Behind every corner we can experience art and culture, such as paintings and sculptures of all sizes that can serve as a gift for the couple.

san blas

San Blas neighborhood 

Cusco Main Square in couple

The Plaza de Armas is the ideal reason to travel as a couple, it is a central place surrounded by colonial architecture with majestic houses and balconies adorning the ancient arches.

Inside the Plaza de Armas we will find romantic corners that will give the necessary dose to the outing, and if you are looking for a more special experience in the style of Cusco, you can make a toast in one of the balconies that function as local businesses. 

If you want to know more destinations within the city of Cusco through a safe and responsible tour, you can book the City Tour in Cusco half day that will serve as a good introduction to the place.

main square cusco
Cusco Main Square

Destinations around the city of Cusco as a couple

When traveling as a couple to Cusco we will find different options outside the city; reasons that will encourage us to live a romantic experience in incredible places.

The Church of Andahuaylillas and its magic for couples

Monuments made of gold adorn the columns and altars inside the beautiful church of San Pedro Apostle of Andahuaylillas, the “Sistine Chapel of America”.

Located a few kilometers south of Cusco in the main square of Andahuaylillas, we will find a beautiful place for romance on our couple’s trip to the navel of the world.

The Church of Andahuaylillas

The Church of Andahuaylillas

Hot springs for couples in Cusco

The previous step to experience Machu Picchu as a couple would be to book a previous night in Aguas Calientes to enjoy its hot springs.

With temperatures ranging from 38ºC to 46ºC, the outdoor pools create a perfect atmosphere for a unique experience as a couple.

Hot springs for couples in Cusco
Hot springs for couples in Cusco

By train to Machu Picchu with your partner

There are many options to get to Machu Picchu when traveling as a couple; however, the most romantic and special of all is the Vistadome train ride. 

We will depart from Aguas Calientes in a train specially created to enjoy the scenery in the direction of Machu Picchu. 

With large windows surrounding the entire space to not miss any detail of the view and spectacular moments aboard a train, this Cusco experience for couples is perfect for everyone.

By train to Machu Picchu with your partner

By train to Machu Picchu with your partner

Travel as a couple to Cusco all year round

The destinations mentioned above to live a romantic Cusco when traveling with your couple, have a magic all year round, they are quiet places that even in the rainy season can still work as the right spark.

Cusco is an ideal destination to travel as a couple, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a memorable experience with your life partner.

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