Corpus Christi in Cusco

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Procession of saints and virgins, dances, regional music, converging in the cathedral for a week to celebrate Corpus Christi in Cusco.

Archaeological sites along the Inca Trail

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More vestiges of the Inca civilization Travelers on the Inca Trail will have the opportunity to admire numerous fascinating Inca archaeological sites en route to the ancient citadel of Machu

Ministry of Culture extends the capacity for Machu Picchu for Easter Week

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The Ministry of Culture has authorized an exceptional increase in the capacity of Machu Picchu during Holy Week, from 4,500 to 5,000 people per day, from March 28 to 31,

Holy Week in Cusco

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Holy Week in Cusco is a very special time that attracts numerous tourists and has a deep meaning for the inhabitants of the region. During this time, deep-rooted religious and

Women´s Participation in Tourism

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Challenges and Potentials: International Women’s Day commemorates historical events in which women played a crucial role in driving social and technological advances. Today, in Peru and other regions of the

The best places to enjoy Cusco as a couple

Sunset as a couple at Mirador San Cristóbal
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There is nothing more romantic than traveling as a couple to Cusco to enjoy the best that Peru has to offer. Today we are going to dream of romantic destinations

Carnivals in Perú

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Celebrated in February, this festival showcases our homeland as a hub of joyful customs. It stands out by emphasizing its unique characteristics, distinguishing itself from the dominating influence of the

Grateful for the recognition with the Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best 2023 award.

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We are honored to share the exciting news that INKA TRAIL EXPEDITIONS PERU has been distinguished with the prestigious Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best 2023 award in the travel

How the Incas used they road system (part 3)

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A high degree of energetic investment was put into the ritual purposes of the road. In Inca society, the mountains were objects of worship

How the Incas used they road system (part 2)

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These roads provided easy, reliable and quick routes for the Empire's civilian and military communications, personnel movement, and logistical support.