Majestic Active Peru 15 Days


This circuit is the ideal for those who want to know the wonders of Peru, its archaeological, cultural wealth and centers of great energetic power, this adventure has Inca trails that were of great importance to the Andean people.
Wonders of Peru is one of the best excursion options and super known by the whole world, satisfying and comforting for those who want to break with the traditional, putting a little effort and sweat to know this enigmatic culture surrounded by landscapes and sacred mountains. Also, enjoy the highest navigable lake in the world and the rural families that depend on it. Also, enjoy the Paracas nature reserve, the pre-Inca Nazca lines, El Cañon del Colca with the majestic Condor fly by, the highest navigable lake in the world and the rural families that depend on it.

Day 1
Transfer in Lima airport to the hotel
Free Afternoon in Lima
Day 2
Ballestas Island Tour
Sandboarding on Huacachina Oasis
Day 3
Overflight by the Nazca lines
Bus Nazca to Arequipa
Day 4
Free Morning
Free Day in Arequipa
Day 5
Transfer to Chivay
Visit to Chivay and La Calera Hot Springs
Day 6
Visit to the Colca Canyon and the flight of the Condors
Transfer to Puno
Day 7
Titicaca Lake and the Uros Islands Tour
Taquile Island Day Tour
Day 8
Route of the Sun Puno – Cusco
Arrive to Cusco
Day 9
Free Morning in Cusco
Traditional City Tour in Cusco
Day 10
Sacred Valley and Pisaq Tour
Ollantaytambo and Chinchero Tour
Day 11
First Trekking km 82 “Piscacucho to Wayllabamba”
Treking Inca Trail
Day 12
2ndTrekking “From Wayllabamba to Pacaymayu / Runkuraqay”
Treking Inca Trail
Day 13
3er Trekking “From Pacaymayu to Wiñayhuayna”
Treking Inca Trail
Day 14
4th Trekking “Wiñayhuayna – guide tour from Inti Punku to Machupicchu”
Transfer Aguas Calientes - Cusco
Day 15
Transfer out from hotel Cusco to the airport.

Day 1 - Welcome to Lima

main square in lima active peru 15 days

Flight to Lima.
Welcome, reception and transfer to the select hotel.
Overnight in Lima.

Day 2 - Trip to Paracas & Ica Full Day

paracas full day  15 days tour active

Parting at 2:50 am from the hotel and take the bus from Lima to Paracas. Our bus will leave at 4:00 am and after 3 hours we will arrive in Paracas.
Leaving at 8:00 am to Paracas and start of the Ballestas Islands Tour. From the Paracas spa, you can visit the Ballestas islands by boat, habitat of sea lions, guano birds, penguins and a diversity of marine fauna. On the way you can see a figure El Candelabro, engraved on the side of a hill, is a geoglyph with a rock foundation eroded by the wind and the sea. It is more than 120 meters long and is also called Tres Cruces or Tridente. The best way to appreciate it is from the sea.
At 12:00 pm we will take a bus from Paracas to Ica for 3 hours. Upon arrival in Ica we will continue the tour of Tubular rides are a fantastic adventure in the middle of the desert where you can enjoy the high and low dunes and you can feel the adrenaline on these desert roller coasters.
In the high parts of the desert you can practice sandboarding, our official driver will instruct you so that you can safely drop it if you do not have experience in this sport.
We are Leaving at 06:00 pm taking the bus to Ica where we will spend the night.
Overflight of the Nazca lines the next day.
Overnight in Nazca

Day 3 - Nazca Lines Overflight the Amazing & Trip by Bus to Arequipa

nazca packages chivay 15 days and inca trail

Breakfast in the morning at your hotel.
Early in the morning we will pick you up from the hotel and leaving to the aerodrome where we will board a light plane for a memorable air excursion over the Nazca Lines. A bilingual guide (Spanish / English) will assist you at all times until you board the plane. This overflight over the Nazca Lines will cover the extension of the Nazca desert stone, whose surface is marked by gigantic drawings and geometric figures.
The overflight of Nazca lines takes approximately 35 minutes and is the best way to see these fascinating lines and drawings that have intrigued people for years. Here, you will be able to see the different figures traced on the stone surface of the Nazca desert, representing stylized animals and plants, distributed in a huge maze of lines, trapezoids, triangles and spirals that have been preserved for almost 2000 years. It is one of the most incredible legacies that a culture has left behind and that can only be seen from the sky at an altitude of 1500 feet.
After the overflight we will have time to have lunch and take a bus to Arequipa at 02:30 pm arriving at our destination at 11:30 pm. We will be assisted upon arrival in Arequipa and transferred to the hotel where we will spend the night.
Overnight in Arequipa

Day 4 - Free day in Arequipa

packages peru  15 days arequipa

Early breakfast at the hotel.
Free day to take a rest or take some optional activities in the white city.
Overnight in Arequipa.

Day 5 - Daytrip to Arequipa – Chivay – La Calera & the Hot Springs

peru packages 15 days and inca trail and chivay arequipa

Early breakfast at the hotel.
Departure at 08:00 am - 08:30 am to Chivay. We will start our tour on the road to Yura, where we will admire the natural and cultural landscape of that area, then we will border the Chachani volcano and we will pass through the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve until we reach Pampa Cañahuas, in this place the guide will explain about the flora and fauna of the area, here we will appreciate the natural habitat of the South American camelids within them LA VICUÑA.
Continuing with the tour on the way, a small stop will be made in Patahuasi (house on top) to take the coca tea. Immediately we will continue the trip to the bofedales where we will observe different species of birds both local and migratory to the area according to season, then we will continue to Patapampa, the highest point of the trip located at 4900 meters. Also known as the Mirador de los Andes, here you can see different volcanoes such as Misti, HualcaHualca, Sabancaya, Ampato, Ubinas and Chachani.
Later in the afternoon will arrive the town of Chivay where we can have lunch and then move to the hotel, we will have time to rest and then continue to the Calera thermal baths. These outdoor baths have thermo medicinal water that will make us enjoy a magical moment after the bus tour in the morning.
Overnight in Chivay.

Day 6 - Flight of the Condors – Colca Canyon & Bus to Puno

peru packages 15 days and inca trail colca canyon arequipa

Early breakfast at your hotel. Departure at 06:00 am after having breakfast will head towards the Mirador de la Cruz del Cóndor, where you can see the imposing flight of the condors and the depth of the canyon. On the way we will make a stop in the town of YANQUE to observe its colonial church, Wititi dances as well as the typical costume of the area.
On the way back to Chivay we will visit the towns of PINCHOLLO, MACA, ACHOMA, in which the guide will explain their different customs in the area as well as the Lito models, colonial churches and terraces. At 11:30 am arrival to Chivay, then at 12:30 pm have lunch, later at 1:30 pm will board the bus to Puno.
The bus makes stops in the route, where we can appreciate a little more of the fauna and flora on the way to Lake Titicaca.
Assisted and transferred to the hotel in Puno.
Overnight in Puno.

Day 7 - Navigate Lake Titicaca - Uros & Taquile Islands

peru packages 15 days and inca trail and chivay arequipa

Early breakfast at the hotel.
Departure at 7:00 am from the hotel and transferred to the port of Lake Titicaca, where our local guide will be waiting with the boat to start our adventure on Lake Titicaca. Once we have left, our guide will explain important points of this great lake, and a few minutes later we will arrive at the famous floating islands of Los Uros.
Here we will stop at one of the Islands, visit its inhabitants and learn about the customs of these communities that live for years in the highlands. Later we will return to the boat and continue our trip towards the Taquile Island. The boat trip lasts approximately 3 hours.
Taquile is a huge island that is characterized by its beautiful fabrics. Here visitors will be able to observe how the people of the island make ponchos, belts, gloves and other typical high Andean garments, all made by hand. In order to get to the top of the Island, we will have to walk along a beautiful, slightly inclined path that offers spectacular views of the lake.
Here we advise you to walk slowly and take it easy, since you are walking over 3800 meters high. After 45 minutes will arrive at the center of Taquile, where we can rest and visit a small site museum, which shows through photos important aspects of the life of the people of Taquile.
Our group will have lunch in a typical restaurant around the plaza. Visitors will have free time to visit the weaving workshops and take photos with the islanders after lunch. Later we will descend towards the pier and we will start our return trip to Puno, arriving in the city at approximately 05:00 pm. We will spend one night at the hotel in Puno.
Overnight in Puno

Day 8 - Daytrip to the “Route of the Sun” Puno – Cusco

peru packages 15 days and inca trail and route of the sun Puno - Cusco

Early breakfast at your hotel.
Departure at 06:15 am from the hotel and transfer to the bus station in the Puno.
During our tour that lasts approximately 10 hours we will have 4 excursions and guided visits to the tourist attractions of the southern corridor of the altiplano visiting the temple of Andahuaylillas or Sistine Chapel of America, the Inka temple of Raqchi, the passage of the Raya at 4335 meters and the Inka Aymara museum in Pukara.
Each visit lasts 20 to 40 minutes, where the passenger can ask questions, take photos and explore the attraction at their own discretion, making this experience an unforgettable activity. Arriving to Cusco at 4:30 p.m. and transferred to the hotel.
Overnight in Cusco.

Day 9 - City Tour in Cusco & the 4 Nearby Ruins of the Incas

peru packages 15 days and inca trail and the city tour in Cusco

Early breakfast at the hotel.
Free morning to acclimatize or make some shopping.
City Tour in Cusco in the afternoon
Departure at 01:00 pm from your hotel, then at 13:30 pm start of our tour of the city, where our professional tour guide will provide us with detailed information of all the tourist attractions will visit, will be attentive to any questions and / or needs that each of our visitors require. The places we have to visit are. The main temple of the Sun also known as the "Qoricancha", "Sacsayhuaman" known as the head of the Puma in reference to the fact that the City of Cusco had the shape of a Puma in Inca times and the head of that puma was exactly Sacsayhuaman . Instantly We visit Qenqo, temple in honor of the mother earth or Pachamama, we continue through Pucapucara or entrance control center to the Sacred city of Cusco, later we visit Tambomachay Inca resting place and at the same time temple to the natural element of Water. Overnight in Cusco.

Day 10 - Tour to Sacred Valley of the Incas & Lunch in the Valley

peru packages 15 days  inca trail and sacred valley of the incas

Early breakfast at the hotel.
Parting at 8:00 am from your hotel to start our tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we will be leaving the city to go through the Sacsayhuaman archaeological park and arrive at the Taray viewpoint, a wide viewpoint from where you can see the beautiful Inca terraces and the current cultivation land which surrounds the sacred river of the inkas "Willcamayuc", later we visit the archaeological park of Pisaq, we will also visit the local market of Pisaq, the quality is very colorful as the local inhabitants come to sell or acquire local products that the population needs.
The Pisaq indigenous market is the best place to shop for handicrafts and souvenirs, lunch on this tour is included in the Urubamba village.
After a free time, we will continue our journey towards Ollantaytambo, known as the last living Inca city. Ollantaytambo reminds us of a critical story of Love, a drama that makes love prevail over all obstacles, believes that this city was built by General Inca Ollantay in a moment of rebellion against the Inca's royal army to obstruct his union with the beautiful princess Cusi Qoyllor "beautiful star".
We continue with our guided tour and arrive at Chinchero, where its colonial and Inca temple reflects the current syncretism of these 02 great cultures, Chinchero is also known for its great weavers, who perform beautiful works with Inca techniques.
Then we continuing our trip and return to Cusco, through abundant farmland Arrival in Cusco at 19:00 pm, approximately time when you will be at the door of your hotel or place that you indicate.
Overnight in Cusco.

Day 11 - Begining of Inka Trail 4 Days & 3 Nights to Machupicchu

inka trail to machu picchu 15 days peru 1 day

Today our trek takes us along the most impressive stretch of the Inka Trail. We'll visit beautiful Inka sites, see a variety of flora and fauna and get to take in the fantastic panoramas of the Andes mountains. Covering 16km of the trail our journey begins in the Sacred Valley and works its way up along an original Inca Trail to the Inca site of Wiñay Wayna before continuing on to Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate (Inti Punku).
As we make our way to Machu Picchu we'll pass through the lush and verdant cloud forest that covers the mountain and get to see a variety of plants, flowers and birds along the way. We may also see some larger mammals such as Viscachas (rabbit-like Chinchillas) and Spectacled Bears (if we are very lucky).
After a full day trekking, we'll arrive to the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) in the late afternoon and get our first views of Machu Picchu spread out on the mountain below. The light at this time of day is great for photos because there are few tourists so it's a perfect time to take some pictures of the site. After we've passed through the Sun Gate, we'll carry on along the trail a little way before taking a side trail that leads us to Aguas Calientes, in the valley below where we'll check in to our hotel.

Day 12 - Trekking “Wayllabamba to Pacaymayuc / Runcuracay”

peru packages 15 days and inca trail 2nd days

After waking up at 5 to 5:30am and enjoying a hot breakfast, we start a steep ascent towards the highest pass, abra de Warmihuañusca or ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’ at 4200m/13779ft.
On this day, you will feel a real sense of achievement upon reaching the top! After a well-deserved rest, we begin the descent to where we stop for lunch, which is located at Pacaymayu (3,550m/11,646ft).
On our way up to the pass, we will be able to see an arrange of hummingbirds and a combination of other species of bird life. There will be plenty of time to appreciate the incredible variety of native plants and the ´Polylepis´ or Q’ueuña trees which grow in the astonishing cloud forest located at 3650m/11972ft! After lunch, begins the second two-hour steep climb to Runkuraqay pass (almost 4,000m/13,123ft).
We arrive at our campsite by 5:00 pm. Temperatures at this campsite are around 4ºC during the night.

Day 13 - Trekking “Pacaymayu to Wiñayhuayna”

peru packages 15 days and inca trail 3rd day runcuracay

This is the most imposing day so far; keep this in mind as you ascend on day three! We wake up for breakfast at 6am and start the day with a gentle climb to visit the archaeological site of ‘Phuyupatamarca’ (meaning ‘Town in the Clouds’).
Here we reach the third highest point on the Inka trail (3680m/). The views of the mountains, canyons and surrounding areas are spectacular! The Inca site of ‘Phuyupatamarca’, is located a few minutes’ walk from the third pass.
After visiting this site, we continue walking down 3000 stairs through the cloud forest to the impressive agricultural Incan site of ‘Intipata. After taking some time to visit this site, we continue until we arrive at our third campsite Wiñay Wayna.
(2680m/8792ft). Today, we will only walk about 4 to 5 hours. We arrive at camp by lunchtime! Temperatures during the night are about 12º C. A short walk from our campsite is the famous Incan site of ‘Wiñay Wayna’ (‘Forever Young’).
Even if you are feeling tired after your day’s trek, it´s a moment you cannot miss, the most impressive site on the Inca trail.

Day 14 - Expedition to the Amazing Citadel of Machupicchu “THE SUNRISE EXPERIENCE”

peru packages 15 days and inca trail 4th day

Arising up early in the morning at 04:00am, we’ll take one of the first buses back up to Machu Picchu to enter the site as soon as it opens (06:00am) we’ll have 2-hours guided tour in the site where you'll learn about the Inkas and visit all the most important areas of the citadel. After your tour, you'll have free time to explore the site by yourself and if you have permits to climb either Huayna Picchu (2 hours round trip) or Machu Picchu Mountain (3 hours round trip).
You will also have time to indulge in a few of the following activities on your own if you choose (not included in the price)
• Climb up Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain and appreciate the beauty and magnificence of Machu Picchu from there.
• Other optional activities in Aguas Calientes include a visit to the new local museum or bathe in the hot springs.
Back to Cusco: You will descend to Aguas Calientes and later board the Expedition train to the Ollantaytambo Train Station “Train departure time can vary according train schedule and availability”. In Ollantaytambo Train station you will meet our private van and be transferred to your hotel in Cusco.

Day 15 - Flying Back Cusco – Lima

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer hotel - airport.
Flight back from Cusco – Lima.
Arrival to Lima.
Waiting at the airport for international flight.

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